Thursday, July 8, 2010


last week story…
I came back to dungun on Friday night after work with k.mas n my loving driver, k.didy. travel start after solat maghrib about 8.00 pm. Traffic is very jammed…there is luck coz we went by WPF 140, my cousin car that have no problem for long journey travel…jdm? My red kancil, oh..i don’t want to see u a tired..get a lot of rest at Setapak k.. driver had sleepy after enter the LPT..Huhu.. I need to drive.. she said that we will change back at R&R Temerloh..but, when reach at temerloh..huhu…seronoknya dia tido…cian plak nk kejut… I’m drive again…till reach dungun. U know wt happened? At bukit besi to dungun, we are stop by police. I don’t know why..but, before that, I drive 140-150km/hr..i don’t know if that the reason. But, Alhamdulillah..they are checking for my licence only and we are pass…reach at dungun about 2.30a.m. very sleepy..sory k.didy..u cant back home now..hehe..sleep at villa solehah…
Awake about 7a.m..adush..thesis workshop on 8.00am. go to pdg midin and come back to dungun…oh, there is registration for new students..silap amik jln la plak…lekat dgn dak2 baru nak take about 30minute to go to DK Anggerik.
5 days at dungun, be the superwomen again…fuh..
Story at dungun can’t be describe here..
Go back to shah alam with my aunty. Mok ngah that only one of my aunty that the older had pass away about 10 years ago. My mum just have 3 siblings and she is the youngest that call moksu by others. Reach at setapak to go to my cousin house about 4.30p.m..k.didy had speed for 140-160km/hr.. and go back to darul islah with traffic jammed..
At Friday, we are settle for streamyx at tm point and went to maybank to setle my debit card. And then, go to shopping again at mydin s.18. and then, went to section 25, tan & tam motor to paid the insurance and road tax for BKF. Lastly, go to CIMB to have the CIMB account for DE FRESH CORNER.. but, we are late..that’s Friday and the bank closed at 4.00pm.
Night: meeting at section 17
Saturday: shopping and shopping.. at jalan TAR…SHOPPING sampai sakit kaki.. nasib baek ada orang baek tolong urutkan..hehe
SUNDAY:haha.. after breakfast, we have the mission to be settle with and k.has. cucci-cucci services sambil mandi hujan…best.. we are services for 8 motorcycle and a car..fuyooh..
Will be continued..